What is Ripple?

What is Ripple?

Bitcoin isn't the only CryptoCurrency around.  There's a new CryptoCurrency we recommen called Ripple that is partnered with over 90 banks worldwide (15 of the top 50). Ripple sits on Federal Reserve's Faster Payments Task Force, while having notable investors such as Google Ventures. It is the fastest and least expensive CryptoCurrency to date with 4 second transactions costing less than $0.0007. Learn more about Ripple here!

Learn How To Invest In Ripple Here!

Advantages of Ripple

  • Decentralized

    Ripple is aiming to become the most decentralized CryptoCurrency, meaning no central authority owns or run the network, rather it is run and used by everyone who participates.

  • International payments

    Ripple can be sent to anywhere in the world from anywhere! Ripple currently costs less and is faster than traditional wire transfers.

  • Easy to set up

    All it takes is a computer to set up a Ripple wallet, so sign up hassle, no fees, nothing! Just create your address and you're good to send and receive!

  • Bank the unbanked

    Ripple gives the opportunity for people in disadvantaged countries to participate in the global economy like never before!

  • Fast and cheap

    Ripple has transaction times of around 4 seconds and transaction fees of around only $0.0007! It is currently the fastest and least expensive CryptoCurrency on the market.

  • Community

    Ripple has an awesome community where everyone is trying to help each other out. Join our discord to engage with the CryptoCurrency community!

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How do I buy and store Ripple?

You can buy and hold Ripple and other digital assets on Gatehub but first you'll need to buy Bitcoin from Coinbase (Free $10 worth of Bitcoin with this link). You can learn how to buy and hold Ripple quick, easily, and safely in this article if you're new and want an awesome guide.

Can we pay for the products using Bitcoin?

Yes we accept Bitcoin! Check out some of the Products you can buy with Bitcoin! We will also enable payments with select altcoins soon!

Do you guys sell other products?

Why yes, we certainly sell other products that you can check out in our Catalog!

How much and how long is shipping?

We offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING for all domestic and international orders. Because of this bonus, orders may take a bit longer then usual, around a week or so, though we do this so you don't have to pay anything for shipping at all. See more here.

Is Bitpam secure?

Whenever a payment is made here on Bitpam, we never touch or see any of your financial information. All payments are routed through PayPal's secure gateway who will handle any payments you make. All communications made on the site are encrypted with SSL.