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It's that time of the year again! On twitter we're doing a retweet giveaway for BitcoinsWe've made a really awesome trade recently so we're feeling quite generous about this 🙂!



If you don't already know what Bitcoin is, you can check out this article here for a quick rundown.

So what's the catch?

There is no catch! We just made some insane money on a trade and decided to give away some money in CryptoCurrency away for free, for you!

This is a breakdown on how the giveaway will work. At a certain amount of retweets a random person will be selected to receive a certain amount of money in Bitcoins. It really is that simple!

10 = $1 giveaway

100 = $10 giveaway

1000 = $100 giveaway

10000 = $1000 giveaway

This means you can have a chance to win up to 4 times! There is no deadline on when the giveaway will end so as long as you've retweeted you will always be eligible for a chance to win some huge cash!

Better yet, you can have even more entries if you do other actions outlined here. Oh and by the way, our algorithm may or may not give priority to those who follow our Instagram, twitter, and Facebook 😉.

Bitpam CryptoCurrency Giveaway

When the winner is chosen if they were not following the BitPam twitter account they will not receive the prize. The winner must also have a coinbase account to be able to receive and cash out the Bitcoin funds.

Never signed up for coinbase? Check out this quick and easy safe guide on how to do so fast!

Oh and by the way, just from this year alone, some CryptoCurrencies are up more than +2000%! Sound crazy and unreal?

Well it's real life. A lot of modern investors are missing out on the opportunities CryptoCurrency can provide. This is a truly life changing ordeal for some, ourselves included 😉. People have even been using their Sonos with IFTTT to listen to Bitcoin!

Even if you're fully against Bitcoin, we strong recommend you create a coinbase account for the future, as even banks are starting to get on board with CryptoCurrency.

For example, Ripple, a real-time gross settlement system, has over 75 banks on board, including notable ones such as Bank of America, Royal Bank of Canada, The National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (fifth biggest bank in the world), and many more.

If you're still not convinced to at least tread the waters with CryptoCurrency, you're intentionally missing out on one of the greatest opportunities of the 21st century. Don't let that happen to you, we're here to help 😊.

Nonetheless, best of luck on the giveaway, and we sincerely hope you win! 😉


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